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Here are 26 tricks to help you speed up your Mac usage. Jeff Dunn contributed to an earlier version of this post. Avery Hartmans.

Apple's Mac computers are easy to set up and start using, but there are tons of hidden tricks that only power users know about. Alternative Lending Direkt in den deutschen Mittelstand investieren und feste Zinsen erhalten. Follow us on: Also check out:. Great and reliable hardware and software. I have nothing against Windows Its done very well by me and I have always had Live OneCare as well which has been superb but its ironic that Jackson put this article together at this time as I have been contemplating the move to Mac I've started searching and gathering the best apps for the move and doing research about Mac I'm probably doing it to play with Mac for a while Especially since Chrome is coming along for the MAC So now its time to go play with MAC for a while But I will still keep my PC up to date There bad things about Macs and Windows, you can decide which you like better.

This is not a conversion article, this is an article to inform. Not to glorify, just to inform. Notice the writer didn't glorify any of the myths about the mac! Just trying to clarify the ones that do exist against the mac. Why would the writer do a comparison if people are only going to be even angrier anyways? Maybe say the writer is biased and the comparison is wrong! It's just a defense for the mac. Would you be mad if there was an article defending the stereotypical faults of windows?

Flame wars only start because stupid people over react. This is far from the truth. You see apple making security updates all the time! I have a mac and I've never had a virus. I love macs. Although I must say windows 7 is very very good! Yes, there are viruses for the Mac. I think I counted maybe trojans and worms for Mac OSX at last check -- which you pretty much have to go out of your way to get i. I have antivirus on my computer--didn't used to--but that's only to catch the Windows viruses so my Mac is not a conduit.

Every virus ever detected on my machine has been a Windows virus I work for a security tech company and I have never heard of any such thing. I have had a Mac for over 10 years and have never had a virus. Most of that time was without antivirus or a firewall. Yes, the peace of mind is in fact worth the price to me. FWIW, I did not see this article as flame bait at all. I did, however, see those first few comments as flame provocation, and very defensive. That was the time when Mac's share sky rocketed. But now, that advantage is lost with Windows 7.

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We are now talking about a vs OS rather than a vs OS. Even if people claim that Snowie is better than 7, the difference is not as compelling as before. That is why I decided to continue with Windows 7 instead of switching to Mac. OS is a wash IMO and at that point, what advantage does mac have other than the Apple "cool" factor to justify the cost?

Can't believe the Gates empire won again. This is very true. It'll be interesting to see which direction we will head when Windows 7 is released. Two years ago, Leopard was not competing against XP. It was Vista, the most modern OS from Microsoft to date. I didn't mean that as snide - I meant it to illustrate that the premise of the article is valid.

Seven things every Mac user should know

Macs come with mice that have multiple buttons. OSX directly supports at least the standard three plus a two-directional scroll wheel in fact, that's what the powermouse, or whatever that thing is called has, plus two extra programmable buttons - they're just not visually separate on the surface. This is a very timely article for me, as I'll be looking at Macs in the next few months. I was surprised to learn just how affordable the Mac Mini is. Ok, we get it. Is this what the site has become?

If I ever want to switch back to a Mac I know there are a ton of sites that will let me compare the pros and cons of both. That's not what I come here for. Actually, I'm not even saying, "Buy Macs! Decipher what you will about my statements. I'm not persuading the entire Windows community to convert. Again, I don't know why people are being so offensive - I did NOT see the article as an attack in any way.

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You can disagree with the author's opinion, but don't claim he said things that he didn't! My read is that you can get good hardware for windows, but when you do, you'll pay higher prices than the standard hardware used for comparison. I've owned several very cheap Windows machines, and they are invariably not the same quality level of the higher cost Windows hardware I've owned.

The problem is that Apple hardware almost doesn't COME in a "cheap" version - but then again, neither does Alienware hardware - why do people not have this flame ward about Alienware being too expensive and therefore a stupid buy it's not - again, you get what you pay for.

Relax people - try to learn from what people share with you - accept the parts that make sense and disregard the parts that don't up to and including the entire premise - but don't attack someone for trying to share their ideas with you! So your really paying for an update for your orginal version of leopard, Which it should also be free. There is a slight debate going on about this, Rob.

Snow Leopard isn't a totally new operating system but it isn't really an upgrade. Consider it a huge overhaul plus refinements and new features. And because it isn't exactly a new OS and it isn't an old OS, it's somewhere in the middle. Macs are expensive for the same price of a mac book pro you can build a pc twice as powerful or with half the price the same power.

Also I have noticed with macbooks you can upgrade them so a year into using it, it becomes out of date so they dont last forever im afraid. This will start a flame war because it seems, no matter what you do mac fanboys always give into the myths about no needing anti vrisus etc. In Mac, you can only buy things and parts made by Apple. Its hardware lock-in.

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You cant assemble a Mac from off the shelf components. If something hardware goes wrong, then I think you need to call Apple support but you can call your local computer repair for a PC. Heh, as above - past post had discredited everything on this topic posted here for a long time as for me. Everything is compatible, as long as it has compatible label. Rest is not compatible. Overall there is less compatible hardware than for Windows.

So you are claiming Mac user doesn't need anti virus? Which is like biggest Mac myth ever. But you are not busting myths that are beneficial to your side, it would make comparison fair. Macs are more expensive. That is in no way myth and I'd like to hear that "more value" explained. I don't remember any real data that modern Macs are objectively more reliable. Given they use same parts from same factories as PCs I consider this claim extremely questionable. I have used antivirus software on my Mac for several months now.

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I download many free applications, and have had neither viruses caught or any problems with viruses. I recently disabled the virus software, and I have no problems whatsoever. I think a lot of you are taking this article the wrong. Information in itself is not for or against anything it is simply there it is the reader's job to interpret the article for what it is. Some of the comments and their responses remind me a bit of Joe Wilson.

For the record I use a mac and a pc equally and I find they both have their weaknesses. Apple has a problem a lot of time of leaving their older technology to hang and dry which admittedly is some of the reasons Windows has the problems it does with having to support multiple versions of pcs. However right now I am typing this on my power book that I am unable to upgrade to Snow Leopard due to the fact that its not compatible anymore.

Thank you for your comment, Chady. I sincerely didn't want this to start a flame war but seems like there are very defensive people out there. Anyways, about Snow Leopard, I guess they're just moving forward with their technology. I know that there were a lot of Mac users left out in the dark with the release of Snow Leopard.

But I think some have to suffer in order for the rest to advance. Then non-technical consumer does not buy an OS. They buy a computing solution.

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